Carpet Cleaning

The Village Cleaners Carpet CleaningThe Village Cleaner has an 8-step carpet cleaning process:

  1. Extract dry soil with powerful commercial vacuum.
  2. Vacuum dust and dander from along baseboard edges.
  3. Precondition entire carpet to suspend ground-in soil and dirt.
  4. Pre-spot as needed with twelve available spotting agents.
  5. Extract contaminants from carpet with truck-mounted hot water extraction.
  6. Make additional vacuum passes to ensure maximum drying efficiency.
  7. Groom carpet to set pile and speed up drying process.
  8. If necessary, speed-dry your carpet with turbo dryer — usually takes 3 hours.

We provide our clients with the highest-quality cleaning services in town. If you’re looking for first-class treatment, look no further. Our exhaustively thorough carpet cleaning system can guarantee you all of the following:

  • Makes your home healthier with a sanitized and deodorized carpet
  • Flushes out spots with hot water to help prevent them from returning
  • Prolongs your carpet’s life by cleaning according to manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Brightens colors in your carpet fibers by removing the soils your vacuum can’t remove
  • Rinses residue from previous cleanings
  • Extracts allergy-causing pollens, spores, mildew, dander, and dust mites
  • Removes dirt, drink spills, vomit, urine, gum, wax, some paints, rust, inks, make-up, and more
  • With our speed dryer, your carpet will be dry usually within 3 hours