Pet Solutions

If you or anyone you know has pets, you must read about The Village Cleaners‘ pet solutions…

We all consider our pets to be members of the family! The love and devotion they give certainly makes up for the occasional ‘gifts’ they deposit on the carpet or furniture. If you have resigned yourself to just live with it, you don’t have to! Let The Village Cleaner professionally clean and deodorize your carpets, area rugs, and furniture. We are experts at finding pet solutions. We remove harmful bacteria from urine salts and other messes. WE ARE PET STAIN AND ODOR SPECIALISTS. Enjoy your pet’s companionship, and let US take care of the rest!

Pet Problems FAQ:

Can you remove pet urine stains on carpet or upholstery?
We have a success rate of 80%. Pet urine can cause permanent damage to textiles as well as create an unhealthy indoor living environment if not removed promptly. When urine is first deposited onto a carpet or fabric, it is in a neutral state (it is easier to remove when it is fresh). Once the urine is allowed to dry it turns to alkaline (thus the ammonia odor) and becomes more difficult to remove. If left for weeks or months, depending on the fiber type, it could permanently change the dye structure of the fabric and cause the fiber to deteriorate. To prevent permanent staining, clean urine deposits immediately.
What can be done about urine odor?
We normally use enzymes to treat urine. There is a small extra charge for each quart. First, we use a special urine detector to pinpoint exactly where the urine deposits are. Then we spray enzymes only on the affected areas. The enzymes actually eat up urine bacteria. We also use a special oxidizing agent to flood really bad areas and use our “Water Claw” sub-surface tool to pull the urine out of the padding. Urine is one stain for which we cannot guarantee total removal. The stains could be permanent, although we usually have a very good chance of removal.
What to do if you have a severe urine odor?
If the odor is severe, the padding beneath the carpet may need to be replaced and the sub floor treated. We also treat the face fibers with enzymes, allow time to dwell, and then extract the enzymes. If the urine is covering over half of the carpet, it may be more cost effective to replace the room of carpeting.
Is vomit removable from carpeting?
Yes, normally. However, the chances are reduced if an improper spot removal solution has been applied to the stain before our arrival. Also, some cat food has a red dye that permanently stains some nylon carpets. This dye is similar to the Kool-Aid type of dye. If this occurs, we have a red dye removal system that can remove most cat vomit stains (a small extra fee applies).
What can you do for recurring urine spots?
First, we use our urine probe to determine exactly where the spot is. Next, we flood the area with OSR (Odor and Stain Remover) oxidizing mixture and allow it to dwell for at least 20 minutes. Last, we use our “water claw” spot lifter to pull the urine directly from the padding. This process eliminates 90% of all urine problems. If you have us do this process and the spot does return, we’ll come back once at no charge to attempt removal again.
Do you have a 100% Guarantee on Pet Odors?
We will do everything possible to help eliminate any odors in your home. Unfortunately there is no way to completely guarantee the removal of every odor. The reason is that the odor may not only be in the carpet. It may be under the padding, on the cement, or in the wood beneath the carpet. It may also be on the baseboards, drapes, walls, etc.